About Us

Founded in July 2016, we’re a London based firm offering the UK’s only £1 a month Direct Debit scheme aimed at helping savers benefit from the higher rates of interest offered by their bank while also donating to worthwhile causes.
Over the last few years we’ve noticed an increasing requirement from some of the top bank accounts to have at least 2 active Direct Debits a month before any interest is paid. We want all savers to be able to access these higher advertised rates and so set up OnePoundDD.com.
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MV2Mayghal Vijapura


Mayghal is a student at Imperial College London studying for an MSc in Mathematics and Finance having previously worked for Royal Bank of Scotland. Interests include swimming and reading.


NSNikesh Shah

Nikesh recently graduated from LSE in Mathematics and Economics, and is currently working towards his Actuarial Qualification. In his spare time he enjoys playing squash and cricket.



JPJay Patel

After completing a degree in Mathematics with Actuarial Science at The University of Southampton Jay has been working in data analytics for clients in various sectors including technology and telecommunications. Interests include Tae Kwon Do and travelling.