£1 a month via Direct Debit. It really is that simple.

OnePoundDD.com is the UK’s only £1 a month Direct Debit scheme – Perfect for savers who want to meet the minimum Direct Debit conditions to receive a higher rate of interest from their bank

Receive Better Interest

Meet Simon. He’s been saving up for a new car and currently has £5,000 in his bank account which pays him interest of 0.5%, equivalent to £25 a year.

Simon wants to switch to an account with Bank A which pays 4% but only if he has two paying Direct Debits. Unfortunately, he only has one Direct Debit.

But, by using OnePoundDD.com he can now add an extra Direct Debit for just £1 a month and earn £188* in interest a year, £150 a year more than before. Good job Simon.

*This figure is net of the £1/month fee.

Learn more about how to Maximise Your Interest and the Top Paying Bank Accounts.

Maximum annual interest you can earn by using OnePoundDD.com versus if you have one less Direct Debit than needed to earn interest:



Donate To Charity

We want to find a good medium between helping savers maximise their interest while also donating to charity. That’s why we donate 50% of each Direct Debit across three charities. Learn more about donations on our Charities page.

Easy Cancellation/Re-Joining

There is no commitment once you join us. As a member you can join and cancel payments to the direct debit scheme whenever you want at no additional cost.

Flexible Payment Dates

Choose for payments to leave your account on the 1st, 10th, 20th or the last day of each month.

More Information

See our FAQ for more questions you may have and visit our Security page to see how we keep your details safe.

Get Started

Setting up your OnePoundDD.com account and first Direct Debit is incredibly easy and takes less than 5 minutes:

1. Register for an account

2. Navigate to the Members Area and select a payment date you wish to sign up on.

3. Complete the Direct Debit authorisation form and you’re all set up!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions